Byers, J.A. & Wood, D.L. 1981a. Interspecific effects of pheromones on the attraction of the bark beetles, Dendroctonus brevicomis and Ips paraconfusus in the laboratory. Journal of Chemical Ecology 7:9-18.

Abstract-- Dendroctonus brevicomis (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) was attracted to a mixture of the I. paraconfusus pheromones, ipsenol, cis-verbenol and ipsdienol, at 10-9 g each/micro liter but was not attracted to these pheromones at higher and lower release rates. I. paraconfusus was not attracted to the D. brevicomis pheromones exo-brevicomin, frontalin and myrcene at any release rate tested. Increased release rates of a mixture of the 3 pheromones of I. paraconfusus inhibited the attraction of D. brevicomis to its synthetic pheromones. A mixture of ipsenol plus ipsdienol or cis-verbenol alone failed to cause inhibition indicating that at least two of the I. paraconfusus pheromones are required to inhibit the response of D. brevicomis. The pheromones of D. brevicomis did not inhibit the attraction of I. paraconfusus to its pheromones; however, verbenone was a potent inhibitor.
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