Sticky traps spaced apart releasing invidiual pheromone components
Byers, J.A. 1987a. Interactions of pheromone component odor plumes of western pine beetle. Journal of Chemical Ecology 13:2143-2157.

Abstract-- The relationships between catch of Dendroctonus brevicomis LeC. (Coleoptera: Scolytidae) at sources of the synergistic pheromone components, exo-brevicomin (E) and frontalin (F), and increasing distance of separation of sources were investigated in the forest. The two components were each released with the host monoterpene, myrcene (M), in trap pairs. The traps of each pair were space apart at various distances (0-16 m) in either horizontal or vertical lines that were perpendicular to the mean wind direction. Both sexes were most strongly attracted when the two components were released from the same source, and increasing distance of separation between components caused exponential decreases in trap catch for all trap configurations. Males were significantly more attracted to traps with E, M alone than to corresponding traps wiht F, M alone, while females exhibited a perference for F, M. The theoretical relationships and properties of two coalescing plumes of individual components and their intersecting "active space" are presented and discussed. It is proposed that "confusion" or "communication disruption" techniques for insect control may be more successful if components are released individually from many points rather than released similarly in blends.
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Chemical Ecology