Byers, J.A. 1992. Ref-list: Program to list references found in DOS text files of scientific manuscripts. Computer Applications in the Biosciences 8:196-198. pdf

Abstract-- A computer program, coded in QuickBASIC (MicroSoft Corp.) language, is used to make a non-redundant list of references, in alphabetical order, that are found in a scientific manuscript (formatted as a DOS text file). The program can extract either direct or indirect citations as in the following: Byers (1983a, b, 1984) and (Miller and Keen, 1960; Byers et al. 1984; Byers 1984). One then may compare this list to the references cited section of the manuscript to see that all citations match and are not misspelled. An IBM-compatible personal computer is required to run the executable program.
Download software: REF-LIST.ZIP Scientific Software
Chemical Ecology