Road from Sunne northward to Torsby along lake Fryken. Watch out for moose! Moose are rather common in this area and sometimes while walking through the forest I come upon one in a clearcut. They usually hear me first and do not immediately run but stand and watch a few seconds. Then they seem to lose their nerve and lumber away to be lost in the deep forest. If you hit a moose with your car at high speed you can easily be killed. Mother moose with a young can be aggressive if they feel threatened. None have chased me but I read last year in the Värmland newspaper while waiting for the rain to stop that a woman politician was on her way to a meeting in her car and had to stop on a small road when a mother moose and calf were feeding. She honked her horn thinking they would run away but the mother moose stomped and looked aggresive toward the car. The woman became afraid and put her car in reverse and drove backwards but the moose began to run after the car! Finally, she backed off the road and turned around and got away, but she was really shaken by the encounter and told her story to the local paper. Must have been how President Jimmy Carter felt when he was fishing in a small boat and claimed he was attacked by the vicious swimming rabbit (a true story covered by world news).
Images © 1997 by John A. Byers, Chemical Ecology.