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John Byers

1. Dusk over Lake Fryken
Dusk over Lake Fryken
2. Lake Fryken by day
3. Sunset in a Värmland clearcut
4. Countryside and Torsby
5. 79 Saab filled with supplies
6. John Byers at field site

Bark beetles:
7. Host-tree finding models
Norway spruce in Värmland, Sweden
8. Attack spacing of bark beetles
9. Bark beetle survival
10. Bark beetle pipetraps with funnels in clearcut
11. Slow-rotating pair of traps and John Byers
12. Puddle trap with bark beetles
13. Nonrandom arrival of beetles
14. bark beetle predator: Thanasimus formicarius
15. Ips typographus boring near hunting Thanasimus formicarius

Red wood ants, Formicus aquilonia:
16. Ants attacking mating Scarabs
Cetonia scarabs attacked by Formica aquilonia ants
17. Red wood ant
18. Red wood ant
Red wood ant
19. Nest temperatures of Formica
20. How deep are ants in nest?

Various insects (non-research):
21. Large skipper butterfly
Skipper on dandelion
22. Spider wasp on leaves
23. Syrphid fly on dandelion flower
24. Butterfly and Syrphid fly on dandelion
25. "Barklöpare": Rhagium mordax
26. Large spruce weevil: Hylobius abietis
27. Camouflaged flesh fly
28. Geotrupes stercorarius scarab
29. Anchomenus sexpunctatus carabid
30. More Anchomenus sexpunctatus carabid
31. Robber fly (Diptera: Asilidae)
32. Tiger beetle (Coleoptera: Cicindelidae)
33. Horse fly (Diptera: Tabanidae)
MORE insects !

34. Bee in Lupins 330K
Lupins in Värmland, Sweden
35. flying in forest 189K
36. Lasius ant/aphids 274K
37. Lasius ant/aphids 172K
38. Spittle bug 125K

Images © 1996-2000 by John A. Byers, Chemical Ecology
Research supported by grants from Sweden's SJFR (Skogs- och Jordbrukets Forskningsråd = Forest and Agricultural Research Council).