Integrated Pest Management
Insect-Killing Nematodes
John A. Byers

Host Location by Insect-Killing Nematodes

Insect-killing nematodes , or entomogenous nematodes, comprise many species in the genera Steinernema (formerly Neoaplectana) and Heterorhabditis. These nematodes require moisture to move so they usually must seek their host insects in a soil medium. Luckily there are many grub and insect larvae that spend part of their time in the soil. The nematodes also can be sprayed on plant surfaces and for a short time are available to infest insects but this is less effective than treatment of soils. These nematodes have been successfully used in IPM programs but they are expensive to rear (on living insects). They are also somewhat non-discriminate, attacking many kinds of insects, a few of which may be beneficial. However, in a crop system the reduction of several key pests from the soil is of overriding importance.

Nematode Response to Temperature

Tracks of Nematodes


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