MUSAK.EXE MUSAK - Random Number Generator in QuickBasic:

There are 24 hours x 60 min. x 60 sec. x 18.2 tics/sec. = 1,572,480 tics per day in the BASIC TIMER function. Using the command: A = RND(-TIMER), the random number generator can be set to a unique start number in the random sequence, of which there would be 1,572,480 such initialization points. The random sequence of numbers in BASIC has 16,777,216 numbers before repeating. Thus, when you run the program, the time of day (one of the 1,572,480 numbers) sets the starting point in the random sequence which plays different unique random numbers up to 16,777,216 of them before repeating. If each sound/visual image takes about 0.5 second, then to play one of the 1,572,480 sequences would take 16,777,216 * 0.5 or 8388608 sec., which when converted to hours (divided by 60 s*60 min. or 3600) gives 2330 hours (or 97 days) before repeating the sounds/image pattern again! Then you can start a new sequence (of the 1,572,480 possible) by running the program at another time of day (plus you have 5 different types of musak). This comes to basically 5 times 97 days of listening madness (well over a year). However, you wouldn't remember the patterns well enough to know they were not repeating so that after a few minutes you won't seem to hear/see much new.

© 1999 by John A. Byers, Chemical Ecology