Integrated Pest Management
Monitoring with Pheromone
John A. Byers

Using Pheromones to Monitor Pest Populations
Monitoring pest populations with pheromone-baited traps is one of the most useful applications derived from basic research in chemical ecology. Using attractant semiochemicals (behavioral chemicals) is also wide spread and common in pest management systems. The idea is that the more insects in the area the more likely they will encounter the pheromone and be attracted a few meters. Thus, the trap catch is proportional to the insect density and the time the trap is exposed. By comparing the trap catches with other sampling of the insect densities, one can estimate the insect population based on catches on pheromone traps. Later, one need not sample the insect population, which is laborious, but rather simply place a few pheromone-baited traps and monitor the population size indirectly.


Simulation of Monitoring Java applet of Monitoring
Effective Attraction Radius (EAR) Java applet EAR
Moth Pheromones Java applet Moth Chemicals

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