RGB SOFTWARE for Windows 2000/XP

Byers, J.A. 2006. Analysis of Insect and Plant Colors in Digital Images Using Java Software on the Internet. Ann. Entomol. Soc. Am. 99:865-874.

There are two options for home use of my software:

1) Download that must be unzipped and contains rgb.htm, rgb.class, rgbsoft.htm, rgbhelp.htm, Byers2006b.pdf, c-rgb.jpg, rgb1.jpg, rgbconv.htm, and rgbconv.class. These files must be put into one directory with your images to be analyzed. You may also make subdirectories to hold images. However, you may not analyze images in other directories. You use these files with a browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+ by opening rgb.htm in the appropriate directory with the browser's [FILE] and [OPEN] menu. Alternatively, click on rgb.htm in Windows Explorer and this should run Internet Explorer with rgb.htm starting. There appear to be no problems loading up to 2816 x 2112 pixel images.

2) Download by Saving file to Disk or Running it. If saved to disk you then run Windows Explorer (click on RGB-setup.exe file) or run from the lower left [Start] and RUN to install a java program "RGB" in the directory of choice. This software has the advantage that images can be analyzed anywhere on your disk. The installation also installs icons in your Start menu as well as on your Desktop. These icons are advantageous since you may forget where to find the files in option (1) if you use the program infrequently. The installation program also has a uninstall icon (for uninstalling the software).

After the installation of option (2), however, images larger than about 2112 x 1584 pixels will not load due to limited default virtual memory of Java (64 MB). These larger images will be clipped to 1600 x 1200 unless you increase the memory alloted to the Java Virtual Machine. Because most computers have more memory than 256MB you can permanently enlarged the Java Memory that runs the RGB software with the following procedure. The rgb.jar executable file (the main program) is run by the Java Virtual Software with a program called javaw.exe (for Windows). To load larger images you must make a batch file (textfile ending in .bat) called javabig.bat that contains one line:

javaw -jar -Xmx128m %1

(space before each dash and ending in percent one). Put this file in your path and then get into Windows Explorer and go to C:/Programs/RGB/rgb.jar and right-click mouse on this file so you see menu with "Properties" at bottom, click on this to get menus with General tab, then on this page see "Opens with: javaw" so click button "Change" then on bottom "Other..." (if Windows 2000) or "Browse..." (if Windows XP) and browse to directory in path that has javabig.bat and click "Open", then "OK" and "Apply" and "OK" to close window. Now all RGB icons (desktop and in Start Menu) will have more memory to load larger images. Really large images might require a larger number than 128 (MB). Remember that if you have only 256MB or perhaps 512MB of DRAM memory then you will have to be careful as you should not exceed the memory limits of your computer. I loaded a 2816 x 2112 (6 Mpixel) image with 128m value.