Orientation in Plume
Flight speed inside plume:
and outside:

© 2000 by John A. Byers
Wind speed minimum: and maximum: for orienting:
Maximum wind speed changes/minute max. variation/change:
Insect angle of maximum turn: in plume outside plume
Probability of orienting/move: X x Y axes: Trap radius:
Plume length: Plume angle: minimum: maximum:
Maximum plume angle changes/min: max. variation/change:
Plume width angle: minimum: maximum:
Maximum plume width angle changes/min: max. variation/change:
Number moves/time period: Number periods:
Orientation of Insects in Pheromone Plume
Byers, J.A. 1996. Temporal clumping of bark beetle arrival at pheromone traps: Modeling anemotaxis in chaotic plumes. Journal of Chemical Ecology 22:2133-2155.