(S)- and (R)- enantiomers of ipsdienol and ipsenol (from myrcene or de novo)

Pheromone component of bark beetle, Ips paraconfusus. Produced by males.
Possible pheromone component (repellent) of bark beetle, Dendroctonus brevicomis. Produced by males.
Repellent to I. pini probably since this beetles avoids co-habitation with I. paraconfusus (and also D. brevicomis).
CAS: 54809-53-9

Not active in I. paraconfusus, appears to be repellent (in order to avoid competition with I. pini). No production by I. paraconfusus.
Pheromone component of Ips pini and produced by males.
CAS: 60894-97-5

Pheromone component of bark beetle Ips paraconfusus. Produced by males.

CAS: 35628-05-8

Not a pheromone component of I. paraconfusus. No production by insect.

CAS: ?

I. paraconfusus produces less than 10% of its pheromone components, ipsdienol and ipsenol, from myrcene, the rest is made de novo from mevalonate (shown in work after 1990). No production of myrcene by insect, but myrcene is a major (5-10%) monoterpene of ponderosa pine, although the monoterpene is not found in some host tree species such as Pinus sabiniana.

CAS: 123-35-3