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Please enter either a first-Author or any word(s) to search for in the database of 3,275 Journal of Chemical Ecology references (from 1975 onward). After you have entered search word(s), press [Go author], [TOP], or [Next] and this lower window will display the reference containing the text. You may also use a two word search using Boolean logic (AND and OR and NOT). The searches are case insensitive except for the first author. You may also scroll up and down in the smaller database (lower window) or a page at a time in the upper window.

If you want to quit a search in progress, simply click the [Page UP] or [Page Down] buttons or the [Stop/Help] button. You can even enter new text and begin a new search, thus stopping the former search.

Pressing [TOP] begins the search always from the top of the database (with A) while [Next] will search from the current stopping place downward through the database to Z.

A few authors have names like O'Brien, McCall, La France, or El Rabieri. These names have been changed so the space or ' is made into a dash, ie., O-Brien, La-France, or El-Rabieri. McCall is just Mccall. Also, double last names are like: Ballard-Foster. The entry of last names of first-authors will be changed by the program, so you can get an idea of what to enter next time and how names of second etc. authors will also be listed.

Some key words in the pop-up list are truncated, as well as in the database in the key word section following ">", e.g. antennogra, that means, or will find, antennograph, antennography, antennogram(s) etc.

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