Five in a Row
Wins: Comp. Yours:
Computer: Smart Stupid
One player takes turns marking circles at random while the second player (Computer) tries to put 5 X's in line in a row, column, or diagonal while blocking player #1 from doing this by accident.

How many ways can one place five x's (or o's) in a row, either in the columns, rows, or diagonally?
It seems there are 4 ways to put five in a row in a column x 8 columns = 32 ways, and the same for rows = 32, then in the longest diagonal there are 4 ways, in the next longest diagonal there are 3 ways (but two such diagonals), then 2 ways (x2) and one way (x2) = 4+3+3+2+2+1+1 = 16 for the left to right downward diagonals, and 16 ways for the right to left downward diagonals which means there are 32 ways for the diagonals. This gives a total of 32+32+32 = 96 ways to place five in a row. Right?
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