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"Cookies" are contained in a text file COOKIES.TXT on your hard drive in the Netscape directory and are filled with pieces of information contained in data "strings" separated by ;. The data are held for various specified times so they can be used by Javascript programs (examples below). Netscape 2.0 and 3.0, at least, allow only 20 cookies per domain (my site), and only 300 cookies in total (from all your browsing all over the world) before the most recently used cookies are written over. Also, any particular cookie can only be up to 4000 bytes. If the cookies are temporary, meaning they only last during the time you have your netscape session, then they are lost when you leave the program and you can't see them in the COOKIES file. However, cookies can be made "permanent" or to last many days, and these can be seen. Cookies can interfere with each other if there are too many since they displace each other and then make the Javascript program that needs them to work improperly. This is why I had to reprogram all my javascript that used cookies when I discovered that too many cookies was not a good thing. Some of my programs used 10 cookies which was wasteful since I can put them in one cookie with some more programming to get one cookie (the minimum) and all the pieces of data are held in a long string. However, I can never have more than 20 cookies or 20 programs (what a pity!) unless I erase or rewrite some of mine (I can't touch others from other web sites). You can see if you have any from my Chess, Checkers, Pawns, Pawnchess, 20 Image Matching, or 36 Image Matching games, if you don't see anything then play them and then come here to see the cookies. What I said about one cookie for each program is not quite true, you can put data from 2 programs in one cookie as I did with "Byers-match" for the two matching games. After 10 days, these cookies will be gone since that is how long I let them stay from the last time you used the programs. Another cookie "Byers-sizes" I let stay a whole year from the time you play any of the games etc. that use this cookie. If you want to reduce my cookies in your COOKIES.TXT file you can click the buttons below which will delete the cookies (of course all settings will be lost, as if you came to the programs for the first time. This might be necessary if I change some parameters of a game since the last time you loaded the cookie.

Temporary cookies (RandomTest=; wordtoTrans=help; wLanguage=engl) are used by Swedish-English Dictionary which will show up here but only during this session, if you leave Netscape and come back they will be gone, but not the chess, checkers ones. I should reprogram this program to only use one cookie.

Also try Expert Quiz - it does not show up even though it is one of the 20 or less cookies I can have in my domain, it is in another path and can be seen in the COOKIES.TXT file after you exit Netscape (not before). Pretty tricky.

But you can see them if you look at a web page in the directory ../udt

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