Byers, J.A. 1991. Conversion of BIOSIS Previews database files to reference text files and reprint request forms. American Entomologist 39:245-248. pdf

Abstract-- BIOSIS.EXE is a compiled BASIC language program for use on IBM-compatible personal computers. The program converts a DOS text file of current BIOSIS Information Transfer System (B-I-T-S) references into a DOS file of standard scientific citations. The latter file can be imported into a word processor or scientific reference manager. The program also makes a random access database of references consisting of a title, author, journal, author address, and key words. This database can be searched for specific references and these selected for conversion into a DOS text file of citations as above. The random access database is also used to construct reprint request cards from information on the author, title, journal, and address as well as the user's name and address. The reprint request cards can be printed on regular paper or on "Request-a-Print" (Institute for Scientific Information) cards. The program also can process DOS files obtained from key word bibliographic searches of BIOSIS Previews (which differ in file format) to obtain scientific citations for word processing or reference managers.
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